Data and Analytics dominating in 2016

In 2016, businesses will look at deriving value from all data, Gnau says. “It’s not just the Internet of Things but rather Internet of Anything that can provide insights,” he says. “Getting value from data extends beyond devices, sensors and machines and includes all data including that produced by server logs, geo location and data from the Internet.” Read more!

Article on Marketing Technology. Great read.

“Companies of all sizes are investing in martech in the hopes of improving their marketing strategy and driving more sales. To do that, companies need tools that will strengthen their relationship with customers. Ultimately, the vendors that help companies get closer to their customers are more likely to see success as the martech space matures.” Read more!

Great article on Enterprise trends in 2016

“For years now, big data has been all the rage, but it’s no longer sufficient. With data velocity on the rise, companies must be able to rapidly analyze big data and get sound, actionable advice instantaneously. This will help them better service customers and also bolster their bottom lines. I predict new technologies like Storm and Spark Streaming will be fully embraced by the market…